Manyoni Orphan Partners



Manyoni Orphan Partners is the outgrowth and latest incarnation of a long succession of ministries developed and sponsored by our congregation with our Tanzanian partners in mission.

In the last twenty-four years we have been involved with Bishop Alpha Mohamed in building the Cathedral in Arusha, training indigenous missionaries, sponsoring teaching missions and building churches in rural Tanzania, helping to build the Cathedral in Manyoni, funding the operation of the regional hospital, and finally envisioning and starting a ministry to AIDES orphans, a ministry that has evolved into Manyoni Orphan Partners, for which we have built offices and classrooms, purchased vehicles, and participated in sponsoring orphans.

At present, 92 orphans are in this unique program through which orphaned children are funded to live in the homes of relatives, thus enjoying the security and love of family rather than being “warehoused” in an institutional setting.  Their support includes clothing, food and shelter, medical and dental care, education expenses, and spiritual nurture.

Manyoni Orphan Partners is a partnership of those who sponsor individual orphaned children as well as persons who make general contributions to the larger ministry and its capital needs.   Currently we our working with our partners in Tanzania to build a Vocational Training Center in which to offer hands-on education in sewing and computer science that will equip students for jobs to support themselves and their future families—something sorely needed in this impoverished region.

You can do these three things to support the Manyoni orphan mission:      

     1.  Sponsor an AIDS orphan for $55 monthly.
     2.  Pray for the orphans and for the ministry.                                                       
     3.  Give to the general fund to cover contingencies as well as the Vocational Training Center construction. 




The attached photos show the MOSA mattresses ready to be shipped to Manyoni from the factory in Dodoma, Tanzania. Shown with the life-changing mattresses are The Rev. Canon Geoffrey Nyangusi, Chaplain for MOSA and Joyce Javan, Administrative Assistant.  Canon Geoffrey also conducts the tutoring classes for the MOSA children.

Below is an enlightening and moving description of the mattress distribution written by Mahewa Mowo, Director of MOSA (Manyoni Orphan Sponsorship Association).  You were present in the generous donation you made to this project, showing the love of St. George’s parishioners for the Lord and to the children.  Thank you!

You can see pictures of children receiving beds, mattresses, blankets, mosquito netting in a thoughtful photo album sent for Manyoni Orphan Partners and on display at the Manyoni Table at St. George’s.  Stop by and see God at work in Tanzania.


Hello Partners in America,

We mostly thank God for all deeds especially the presentation of the gift(s) to the children done at MOSA on 4th April,2015.  God is ever good though the devil hates good matters.

Good photographs were taken and they will reflect the occurrence better than the written message.  We haven't despaired because we believe the pictures will reach you and you will see how the whole event was.

When  you physically see the pictures you will probably be able to ask anything curious.  The occasion was really  magnificent as people were individually amazed.  Some of them wept, some spoke yet others remained silently surprised; a stillness dominated the occasion not that persons were unhappy, but simply because they did not believe what their eyes saw.  All persons including the children caregivers and the Manyoni community.  They did not understand whether children were given the things free of charge where as all in all it was due to Christ's love which enables us to take special plans.  On 4th April the timetable was follows:-

As usual we arrived at the center early at 07.30hrs.  Caregivers arrived at 09.00hrs.  We invited Mrs. Marian Mohamed to present the gift(s).  Also we invited Rev. Canon Yohana Ally to preach and pray before the presentation.  He used the word from 1John 2:14-17 insisting that God's word was from God Himself who ordered men, women, youths and all that were at the gathering to abide to God doing away with evils but do what glorifies God.

By verse 14(b) he told the children that they are empowered to defeat the devil.  If they walk in His light God will greatly bless them.  In addition he read the word from  Titus 2:11.  Hence, those gifts were God's grace from the Lord Himself.  Therefore they are to be used by the concerned not otherwise.

Thereafter Mrs Marian Mohamed grated and addressed the caregivers and children.  She called for cooperation with caregivers, children and MOSA Staff in order to cause MOSA to develop just as Bishop Alpha Mohamed it and who used Psalm 23 saying "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want"  The Lord deals with our needs(MOSA).  Apart from Bishop Alpha's absence, God continues providing various needs to MOSA.  Therefore we should increasingly put our good hope on Him.  We should not tire.  He will most obviously open the doors.

After her address, gratitude from caregivers and children was offered 

-    Esta Mlewa (grandmother of Ester Charles) said that she did not expect that Ester Charles would get. such gift.  She strongly and weeping thanked God.

-      Hidaya Ramadhani, Sister of Amadi Rashidi thanked MOSA, the staff and donors.  She prayed God to give us endurance and that the devil should not destroy the good service of the Centre; also prayed God to forgive us our sins.

-    Stanley Mafanya was amazed and said that whenever they meet at MOSA he feels like entering a church because of the acts done at the Centre.  He prayed God to expand the Centre.  He finalized by saying" thank you so much Jesus 

-     On behalf of the children Mariam Habel said " thanks for all" she said that they didn't know whether one day they would get a great gift of the nature.  She went on to say that without MOSA and donors where would they be?  It is only by God's grace and she finished by saying "Thank you Jesus."

-    Lastly the MOSA caregivers' committee chairperson one Judith Nyang'hwa who is the mother of Tumaini Emanuel thanked God for the good gift.  She also thanked MOSA and all donors, then she thanked Rev.Canon Yohana Ally for the word of God and prayer.  She further thanked word of God and prayer.  She further thanked Mrs Mariam Mohamed for reminding them that the Lord is the good shepherd.  If they depended on Him.  He would not leave them alone.

She urged the Staff to be patient in the difficult work of taking care of the youths.  Through MOSA the youths will know God.  Eventually she thanked the caregivers for being attentive and prayed God to bless them and enable them all to work efficiently together.

At the end of all above we went outside the classroom and began distributing a bed, mattress, blanket, pillow and mosquito net to each child accompanied by caregivers respectively.   The caregivers of children who were at school received the gifts on behalf of the children.

This is how it was on that day.

The pictures will illustrate more and you will be able to see how the event was and we hope you will have more comments.

May God bless you all in all that you facilitated.


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